Guest Lecture: Nutrition, Breast Cancer, and Putting it Into Practice

Recorded Live January 2023 with Breast Cancer Expert and ONI Instructor Emma Marshall, DipNT, ONC

Recorded live on 1-26-23: Nutrition and Breast Cancer guest lecture with ONI Instructor Emma Marshall. The main area of focus for a breast cancer diet based will be the evidence for a low grain-based carbohydrate, high phytonutrient anti-inflammatory diet rich in color, fiber, diversity, and anti-inflammatory fats. Learn about the specific vegetable families to focus on for breast health, including the cruciferous, allium, herbal, sea and fungi. A discussion around phytoestrogens (i.e. soy) as well mention of systems including the microbiome will be included in this content dense lecture.

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Emma Marshall, DipNT, ONC
Emma Marshall, DipNT, ONC

Emma is a registered Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and experienced chef who specializes in working with breast cancer patients. As well as running her own clinic, Emma is the lead breast cancer nutrition specialist in the Integrative Oncology Team at Synthesis Clinic, an award-winning multidisciplinary Integrative Medicine and Precision Health practice, led by Dr Nina Fuller Shavel. She is has been a course instructor at the Oncology Nutrition Institute since December 2021.

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