Guest Lecture: Deutenomics - Introduction and Clinical Application of Deuterium Depletion

Recorded Live April 2022 with Deutenomic Medicine Expert and Practitioner Dr. Davelaar

Learning Objectives:

  • Introducing deuterium
  • The kinetic Isotope effects of deuterium
  • Deuterium in Excess - Making Connections
  • How we deplete naturally
  • Therapies that deplete
  • Deuterium Depletion and Cancer Research
  • Deuterium Scavengers
  • For whom is Depletion important and where to start

Your Instructor

Dr. Petra Davelaar, ND, CNS
Dr. Petra Davelaar, ND, CNS

Dr. Petra is a naturopathic doctor certified in nutrition and functional medicine. She primarily practices Deutenomic medicine, which is the science of water movement in a body. She was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to New York in her 20s. She has spent nine years in California where she graduated from Bastyr University in 2016. After four years of seeing patients in Santa Monica, she currently only consults patients via telemedicine. Since the first of January 2021, her credentials have also been recognized and certified in Hungary, which extends to most other European countries.