Guest Lecture: The Psychology of Eating Healthy with Matty Lansdown

Feb 2022: Learn the role psychology plays in the behavior change process when it coms to making healthy dietary choices.

Matty Lansdown is a scientist, podcaster (How Not to Get Sick and Die), nutritionist and health coach who specializes in weight loss and self confidence for women and busy mothers. People cannot change their health status without first evolving to be a different person in their mindset. If information alone was the transformational variable we'd all be rich, happy and healthy. Despite being given access to computers and smartphones, we've learned that having access to more information doesn't really do what we'd all hoped as far as eliciting behavior change.True and lasting changes to one's health can only come about if appropriate psychology is cultivated. An upgrade in mindset occurs by putting the patient in the driver's seat, allowing for long-term foundational behavior change to occur. Don't miss this exciting talk about the indispensable role nutritional psychology plays in the behavior change process. This is a free public class sponsored by Myriam's Hemp Products.

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Matty Lansdown
Matty Lansdown

Matty Lansdown is a scientist, podcaster, nutritionist and health coach that specializes in weight loss and self confidence for women and busy mother’s. Starting out in the field of nutritional epigenetics and spending several years working in hospitals as part of a disease research team, Matty believes that most disease and illness is not due to bad luck but as a result of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. Matty’s extensive experience allowed him to uncover the deeper challenge people have with health which isn’t about calories or kale, but in fact mindset and behaviour change. Having been on his own personal development journey, Matty is now super-passionate about showing people how to level up their health so that healthy habits and the best food choices are easy and natural. Likewise, Matty’s weekly podcast “How to NOT Get Sick and Die”, provides his followers and clients with a deep dive into nutrition and how to develop healthy habits that last.

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